Welcome to Troop 623 of Portola Hills!

Welcome to the Troop 623 website.  Troop 623 is an American Legion Chartered Boy Scout Troop located in the Portola Hills community of Lake Forest, California.  Established in March of 2001, the Troop is proud of its history and is moving forward to a bright future.  

We meet on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at Portola Hills Elementary School, 7:00 - 8:30pm.  All are welcome to visit.

For more information or guest access to our website, contact webmaster@troop623.net

Personal fitness MERIT BADGE

Posted on Oct 9 2015 - 6:02pm

We will be conducting the personal fitness merit badge on Tuesday the 13th of October at Concourse Park. Sorry we did not get a meeting this week, but my day off today, it was 100 degrees. We dont want any one to get ill from the heat. Please wear running shoes and a troop tee-shirt. The time will be 4 pm,.

Scouting for Food - Donate to help eliminate hunger!

Posted on Oct 6 2015 - 7:58pm

Scouting for Food is coming!  Help end hunger in OC!

Scouting for food week is officially Nov 1-7, but you can start collecting now.  Please ask family, friends, neighbors and others to donate can goods and other non-perishables.


Posted on Sep 27 2015 - 6:33am

Monday 9/28 at 4 pm at concorse park. Please wear running shoes and a troop tee-shirt.

Mr Johnson

Scout EXPO! Guest Password update: 'visitussoon1'

Posted on Sep 20 2015 - 9:17pm

Thank you to Scouts and scouters from Troop 623 who helped us at Scout EXPO today!  Pictures will be posted soon.  We've invited visiting Webelos to join us for Iron Chef on 10/20, and we've also invited them to visit us for lunch at Camporee for the Webelos Sneak Peek!

The 'Guest' password for our site has been updated to visitussoon1  (we had to add a number)  Please tell your Webelos friends to check us out.

Next three things...

Posted on Sep 20 2015 - 9:16pm

9/29:  We'll be using an off-week to meet at the school and make our Camporee Mega Gateway plans.  We'll have poles there and we'll be able to make a 'practice gateway'.  This year Camporee Committee says that two tripods and pole across the top ISN'T a Mega Gateway.  So, put your thinking caps on and come up with some ideas!

10/3:  Range Day at Maywood Rod and Gun Club!  Don't forget to sign up on the Calendar

10/6:  First Troop Meeting for October!  Let's plan Camporee!

Court of Honor, Tuesday 9/15

Posted on Sep 14 2015 - 11:05am

Our 2nd meeting for September will be a Court of Honor.  Please wear your full uniform, including neckerchief and sash!

We will be presenting Merit Badges earned since our last court of honor, and new Troop youth leaders!

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